Money, Money, Money

imageDon’t worry, I’m not about to launch into a full Abba rendition although I have to confess that the film Mama Mia is one of my guilty pleasures. In my last blog I alluded to the fact that we should be looking for those pleasures in life that make us happy, usually things that cost us little money.  I still resolutely stand by this sentiment but unfortunately real life and finances that come with attempting to be a grown-up have a nasty habit of impinging on such sentiments.

After giving this considerable thought, ok well I’m suffering a teeny hangover and so have been horizontal most of the day, I’ve decided that I am guilty of ‘money blindness’.  My mother spent many years working in a high street bank. Thanks to her I’m now the mistress of the spreadsheet and can manage the household accounts to the penny. The utilities bills are carefully scrutinised and I’m one of these annoying people who constantly goes round the house turning things off and unplugging them.  Nothing is ever left on overnight apart from the essentials and it is fair to say that I drive my son mad by doing this.

I’m a one woman supermarket shopping ninja who knows what is on special offer, but is never blinded by unnecessary BOGOF’s and I’ve developed the skill of adding up the cost of the shopping as I’m walking around the supermarket. Having enough food in the house to feed a teenage dustbin is an expensive habit and I like to ensure that we both eat healthily whilst trying to stick to a self-imposed budget. I walk wherever I can rather than driving and try to avoid paying for parking by knowing where I can park for free and when. So at this point in the blog, you’re thinking that I’m financially sorted and a bit smug?!?!


When it comes to practical items relating to finance, I am completely logical and clear-headed but I can suddenly become oh so giddy and impractical when I’m bowled over by  some gorgeous frippery. To be clear, I’m not out to rack up a massive credit card bill and I don’t own a new car or have expensive holidays. It’s things certain items that make my heart beat just a teeny bit faster which I simply have to purchase. So inevitably when I’ve bought that new outfit that was simply a ‘must have’ or the latest shade of nail polish then I have to spend the rest of the month scrimping and saving even more just to ensure that I stay out of the red and in the black.  I can never resist the limited edition Chanel nail polish and if a moisturiser says ‘age defying’ on the lid then you know that it will be on my bathroom shelf quicker than you can say “she’s a Sales Directors dream”!

This is what I’m coining ‘money blindness’. Sensible and practical for 90% of the time and then reckless for the other 10%. Is it just me or is everyone like this? Do we all have little triggers that make us temporarily forget that we are skint?

So this month, my car needs four new tyres and I’m helping my son with his deposit for his student accommodation. So if anyone sees me shopping for unnecessary but utterly faint worthy items please do feel free to shout at me….loudly! Oh and Mr Cameron if you could see your way to reducing the VAT back to 17.5%, I’d be ever so grateful.

Final Note. Whilst writing this blog, I have seen a new dress that I’m completely in lust with🙂

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